Online Wholesale Market For Jewellers

Bullion & jewellery trading platform for bullion dealers, Jewellery retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

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Our Services

We are trying our best to make this platform fully useful for whole jewellery sector whether your are a karigar(Craftsman) or a large scale jewellery retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or bullion dealer. Currently we're focusing on,

Gold & Silver Trading

Bullion dealers can sell fine gold & silver online to jewellers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Jewellery Trading

Wholesalers and manufacturers can sell gold/silver jewellery online to jewellers.

Diamond Trading

Diamond dealers, jewellers, wholesalers and manufacturers can do online trade of diamonds.

Risk Cover & Security

Online trade will be backed by trader's token/margin money. No risk involved.

Loan & Advance

Jewellers can avail quick loan facility for their business needs at competitive rates.

Meet New Traders

Search for jewellers, wholesalers and manufacturers online to trade with them.

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For Bullion Dealers

You can list realtime gold & silver bullion price online at our Bullion Trading Plaform and sell to retailer, wholesalers and manufacturers.

  • Realtime MCX integration. Just fill the badla/premium/margin and done.
  • Show your price to a wide network of jewllers via our app.
  • Get online booking in our app or get booking via call.
  • We offer online auto hedging facility so you never face loss.
  • Manage booking and delivery within our app.
  • Online crossmatching of booking and delivery to avoid fraud.
  • We do not charge for software or app development or any extra feature.
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For Jewellery Retailers

You may join us to take your business to a whole new level.

  • Compare gold & silver price in your area.
  • Sell your product online to your customer via our app.
  • Get online hallmarking verification facility to avoid cheating.
  • Attract more customers online with our branding facility.
  • Buy jewellery direct from wholesalers and manufacturers to avoid agents.
  • Search latest design from all over country online.
  • Avail loan facility at competitive rates.
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For Wholesalers & Manufacturers

You can sell and market your product online with us.

  • Wholesalers has no need to carry out precious jewellery for door to door selling.
  • Avoid legal and illegal risk which are involved with your existing business model.
  • Make an online catalog to display your product to your customers.
  • Get online orders in bulk which will save your time & visit.
  • No need to invest a huge money for ready stock as you may get online order mostly.
  • Wholesalers can connect their customers directly with manufacturer's catalog at same profit.
  • It'll save your time, effort and investment as well with a risk free business model.
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India's first online hallmarking platform

We're working on an AI (artificial intelligence) based hallmarking Verification Mechanism (HVM) for jewellers and their consumers to ensure purity more efficiently like never before.

  • It will be an online platform.
  • Everyone can use it whether you are a jeweller or consumer.
  • People will be able to verify product authenticity of a hallmarked jewellery.
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Jewellery manufacturing jobwork marketplace

We're also working on a global jewellery manufacturing jobwork exchange platform where jewellers and independent manufacturers/Karigars connect and work remotely.

  • Independent karigar/Craftsman can join us online free of cost.
  • Jewellers will be able to search for a relevant manufacturer online.
  • These orders will be backed by token money from both side.
  • Delivery & logistic can be handle by company or traders itself.
  • Manage booking and delivery with our app.
  • Booking and delivery crossmatching with online barcode to avoid fraud.
  • Item purity will be verify by company under E-hallmarking service before delivery.